Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lord, Be Master of My Eyes

Today's blog opens with yet another clever, but apparently anonymous, quip: "Unless Jesus is Lord of all, He cannot be Lord at all." Bad news for those who've been trying to convince themselves God doesn't care if they cheat in business, so long as they bring the full ten percent of the income to church every week. Or for anyone who wishes--as we all do at times--to make a decision God holds no veto power over.

Making Christ Lord of your life means all of your life. Not all of your life except use of your spare time. Not all of your life except your health habits. Not all of your life except your relationship with that impossible (or alluring) co-worker. All of it. If we accept Jesus as Savior, we must also take Him as Master of our every emotion, commitment, action, and thought (cf. Luke 10:27). Sometimes He has a single specific thing He wants us doing or place He wants our thoughts directed. Sometimes He leaves us free to decide where to go on vacation or what chore to do first--providing we behave only in ways that honor His name and that we accept His right to interrupt us anytime with a change of plans. He Who made the universe will tolerate no rebels trying to run even a tiny part of it to their own preferences.

Especially not rebels who claim full citizenship privileges.

Lord, be Master of my eyes:
Let them not look with jealous greed
Upon another's wealth or prize,
But up to You Who fill all need.

Lord, be Master of my ear:
Let it not heed the call of sin,
But may Your voice be all I hear,
Attuned to You from deep within.

Lord, be Master of my lips:
Restrain my mouth from gloom and gall,
And from all tactless, careless slips,
But let it speak Your Word to all.

Lord, be Master of my hand:
May all my work be done for You;
May my achievements bear Your brand,
And all my deeds be pure and true.

Lord, be Master of my feet:
Direct my steps each place I go,
To spread Your love to all I meet;
And so my servant's soul will grow.

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