Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reshape Me, Lord

More than one Christian writer has observed that God is never in a hurry. That's not always good news to those of us who get tired of His using the slow-and-steady approach to work out our concerns. Impatience can easily tempt us to turn cynical: "God can afford not to be in a hurry; He's got all the time in the world!"

One might think that "what's taking You so long?" prayers would be confined to totally selfish wants. They aren't. Not only do we get equally impatient over legitimate physical needs, but even those of us who are slightly more mature--who genuinely want to become Christlike--can quickly drift into the irony of a "give me patience--and I mean now!!" attitude. We forget that what grows quickly rarely becomes truly strong, and that those who do "grow up" overnight tend to be those who learn the hard way--through the spiritual equivalent of a good spanking.

But slow or fast, pleasant or painful, we grow best when willing to cooperate with God in the procedure--a cooperation which requires both accepting His timing and emulating His perseverance. So by all means let us continue praying for our own spiritual growth. God may not often rush to answer that prayer to our full satisfaction; but it's one prayer that He always answers--ultimately--with a "Yes."

Reshape me, Lord, that I may be
A living channel of Your grace;
Renew my heart, and let me see
Your loving hand in every place.

Reshape me, Lord, and make me strong
To do Your work each waking hour,
To know the right, reject the wrong,
And serve the world through Your great power.

Reshape me, Lord, and make me pure,
A faithful servant of Your will;
Lord, make me true, and strong, and sure,
To every day Your plans fulfill.

Reshape me, Lord, in hope and love,
And faith to trust Your guiding hand,
Until the day we meet above,
When I with You in glory stand.

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