Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Seven Days of Creation

How's the weather where you are? Here in Houston, Texas, U. S. A., it's already feeling uncomfortably hot and sultry, notwithstanding that the official first day of summer is nearly two weeks away. In some parts of the world, it's nowhere close to summer, but in the chills of late autumn. Some people, no doubt, are dealing with drenching rains as I write this. And for others, early June means perfect outdoor weather: bright sunshine, fresh air, and temperatures just right for sitting in the park all day.

Human nature seems to carry an innate "get outside" urge. Weeks of rain or snow are major sources of restlessness and unpleasant moods. Every employer and teacher knows that keeping minds on inside work is far harder when gorgeous weather coincides with weekdays. And it's no secret that serious social problems and lack of green space frequently occur together in urban areas. Many commentators now recommend "nature therapy" of some sort to help cure physical and social ills.

It's not so surprising that something in us prefers the open outdoors to walled-in rooms, however luxurious the closed spaces may be within. Mere humans create the buildings; God Himself created the natural world. Our longing to "get close to nature" is really just another manifestation of our craving to fill the "God-shaped vacuum" within. Although technological and educational advances have improved life in many ways--including protecting us from some of the less pleasant aspects of a fallen Creation--we have also killed part of many human souls by shutting people away in worlds paved with concrete instead of wildflowers, lit with streetlights instead of stars.

Therein--more than in any dishonor to God from the way we interpret "days" in Genesis 1:1-2:3--lies the real spiritual danger in worshiping science.

On the first day of Creation our God made the light;
So let us all sing praises to His brilliant might.

On the next day of Creation our God made the sky;
So let us lift our praises to Him Who reigns high.

On the third day of Creation our God made the trees;
So let us all be fruitful for Him we must please.

On the fourth day of Creation our God made the sun;
So let us all burn bright for the All-Glorious One.

On the fifth day of Creation our God made the birds;
So let our mouths all open to fly forth His words.

On the sixth day of Creation our God made our race;
So let us love each other by power of His grace.

On the last day of Creation our God took His rest;
So let us rest within Him, to show we are blessed.

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