Monday, March 29, 2010

God's Glory Shines in Starlight

With Easter coming up next Sunday, most of us are thinking about the miraculous ways God reveals His glory. But how often do we notice when He reveals His glory on "ordinary" days? How often do most of us thank God for the sun or the air, without which our lives would end in minutes? How often do we consider that everyone we meet in the course of a day is a unique example of God's image?

And how often do we ignore the beauty of blue sky and birdsong, and of tiny wildflowers blooming within inches of our feet, as we trudge to work grumbling at the prospect of "another day of drudgery"?

When Jesus said He came "that [we might] have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10b), it's unlikely He meant only the perfection of the world beyond this one. Eternal life was meant to start with salvation, even when a person's earthly life lasts another eighty years. The reason many Christians are bored with the lives they have now is because they keep thinking in terms of "everything is either standout-spectacular or dull-ordinary."

Those who remember that with God everything is extraordinary never "outgrow" the childlike sense of wonder that sees the spectacular in "regular" things. The secret of "life to the full" is to constantly look for God's handiwork everywhere.

God's glory shines in starlight
And in the moon's soft gleam,
The sunrise and the sunset,
The rainbow's arching beam;
In every shining dewdrop
On spiderweb or tree,
God's glory is reflected
For all with eyes to see.

God's glory sings in splashes
Of every waterfall,
In every robin's music
And in the bullfrog's call;
In every running river
That dashes free and clear,
God's glory calls to listeners
Who have the ears to hear.

God's glory shows in kindness:
The outreach of a hand,
Soft words to the discouraged
From those who understand;
Each human act of mercy
Our God's compassion shows,
With visions of His glory
For every heart that knows.

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