Monday, April 26, 2010

Love Is So Patient

I could never express the attributes of love as perfectly as Paul does in 1 Corinthians 13, so I refer you to him for the prose section of today's post. Love, even coming from a rather poor example such as myself, understands the value of humility.

Love is so patient; love is so kind;
Love flows from God's heart through those with His mind;
Pure, holy love is an act of the will,
A conscious decision in souls Christ does fill.

Love is so humble; love is so meek;
Love grows within those who God's way still seek;
Love is so gentle, so pure and so good,
The way of God's Spirit; it does as it should.

Love is so faithful; love is so true;
Love is a sign of a soul made as new
In faith that's nurtured by God's holy Power;
It looks toward His Coming through each earthly hour.

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Anonymous said...

Love is the answer and you expressed it well. Thanks for sharing your gift of love through writing. Your neighbor, Mary