Friday, November 5, 2010

O, God of Love and Purest Grace

In many ways, material blessings are a spiritual disadvantage; it's easier to "long for the better country" of Heaven (cf. Heb. 11:13-16) when earth has little to offer. The person who has everything he needs in terms of health, family, money, and possessions may find himself in the position of the "rich young ruler" of Mt. 19:16-22--desperately wanting the riches of eternal life but clinging with even greater desperation to the riches of this life.

Had the ruler looked at what he would gain rather than at what he would be giving up, his decision might have been different. Likewise with us: too many Christians never advance beyond the lukewarm stage of commitment because they keep getting stalled by visions of what they have to lose. And forgetting that the day will come when they have to give it up anyway. When our works are tested by fire on the Day of Judgment (1 Cor. 3:11-15), there is going to be a lot of embarrassed squirming among believers who lived for worldly success and left themselves with nothing eternal to show for it.  

With that in mind, I encourage you to read today's poem as a prayer for Heavenly vision.

O, God of Love and purest Grace,
Who saves the soul from sin,
Guide us through all our earthly days;
Provide Your strength within.

O, God of Power and endless Might,
Whom none can ever thwart,
Fill us with will to choose the right,
That we may not fall short.

O, God of Joy and Source of Song,
Great Maker of all things,
Lift up our hearts our whole lives long,
As all Creation sings.

O, God of Peace and Source of Rest,
Come, guard Your children’s ways;
Convince our hearts Your way is best,
And help us sing Your praise.

O, God of Hope and Lord of Time,
Who brought the world to be,
Come, be our Strength, and we will shine
Through all eternity.

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