Friday, February 1, 2008

All These Things

Today's selection is one of my older poems, the earliest version dating back to college days. But the topic matter is timeless--especially to us natural worrywarts who, no matter how many catastrophes fail to materialize or how many needs are met, have to keep up a constant mental battle against the idea that every element of the universe is constantly waiting for its chance to ruin our lives.

However much we may want to blame the pressures of modern life, there was no shortage of such uneasiness in Jesus's day, judging from His famous "do not worry" passage in Matthew 6:25-33. Ironically, the same superior intelligence that allows humans to know God better than do any other creatures, feeds the worry that encourages us to doubt Him. "Dumb animals" never waste time fretting about anything apart from immediate concerns.

"Look at the birds," Jesus tells us. "Look at the wildflowers. They have all they need for life. Do you think your Father loves them and not you? Do you imagine He has less than your best interests at heart? You concentrate on the work of building His Kingdom, and leave the rest to Him."

That's good advice for anyone in any age.

Oh, look at the flowers abloom on that hill,
That bright splash of color that gives us a thrill.
They don't give a thought to save money for clothes;
They just wait for God to provide them with those.

Oh, look at the birds soaring high in the air:
Where is their next meal coming from? They don't care:
They just go and eat when there rises the need,
For God will provide them with insect and seed.

Now look at the people all bustling about:
More often than not they just worry and pout.
"Will I find a new job?" "Will I have enough food?"
"Will anything ever work out for the good?"

How foolish we are, we who worry and fret,
Who doubt Him Who never has failed us as yet!
He cares for creation, from sky to the sod--
And we're the most precious creations of God!

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