Friday, February 8, 2008

Lord of the Heavens

Today's selection was inspired by King Jehoshaphat's prayer in 2 Chron. 20:6-12. As Jehoshaphat and other saints of the Bible understood (compare Acts 4:24-30), the best approach to praying about our troubles is to begin with pure praise of God's power, love, and trustworthiness--before we start telling Him how big our problems are. After we remember how big God is, our problems seem a lot smaller.

Lord of the heavens and all on the earth,
Lord God Almighty, Whom none can withstand,
Lord of each life from the moment of birth,
All power and might come at last from Your hand.

Lord, You have promised Your presence within:
Guide and Provider for all of our days,
You Who have promised to keep us from sin,
Strengthen our hearts to burst forth with Your praise.

Fierce are life's battles with want and with pain;
Fiercest of all is my own sinful heart.
You are the Warrior, Your victory is plain--
I a mere servant, obedience my part.

Strengthen our wills, grant us faith to stand strong,
Drive away fear; give us eyes that can see
Your mighty triumph that conquers all wrong;
You in Your love win the victory for me.

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