Friday, April 18, 2008

God Is Bigger than Our Troubles

Someone has commented that, in Numbers 13:17-14:38, ten of the Israelite spies to Canaan saw great giants and a little God, while only two had the faith to see a great God and little giants. The majority dwelt so much on the difficulties that they wasted the opportunity God wanted to offer them.

The more attention we give something, the bigger it looks. Anyone who has made a parachute jump or high dive knows that the drop appears longer with every second of hesitation. The same principle applies to leaps of faith; when God calls us to do something, and we procrastinate in getting started, we find more and more reasons not to go through with it.

The temptation can be greatest when the "something" is the seemingly passive act of waiting in faith for God to make a move. Few of us have the patience. If we don't attempt to solve our problems without God's help, we at least let them usurp His place at the front of our minds. We end up seeing great problems and a little God--a sure route to misery.

The best cure? Whenever your problems start to seem insurmountable, divert your thoughts to God's power and sufficiency!

God is bigger than our troubles:
When you want to fume or fret,
Think instead on all His splendor,
He on Whom our hopes are set.

God is bigger than our worries:
When your problems seem immense,
Think on all He has to give us,
Greater than our hearts can sense.

God is bigger than our sinning:
When you feel submerged in shame,
Think upon His great forgiveness,
All He paid to take our blame.

God is bigger than our feelings,
Bigger than our minds can dream:
Fill your mind with all His glory,
Till the day He reigns supreme.

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