Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Life Is the Lord's

For many, "giving to the Lord" stops with what goes into the Sunday offering plate. But if we want to become the best Christians we can be, our giving must go much further. We remain only shallow believers until we honestly say to God, "Everything in my possession--my money, my time, even my life--is Yours to use, take away, or destroy as You please."

Actually, our lives should be first on the list. Paul reported that the Macedonian Christians of his day were particularly generous with their resources because "they gave themselves first to the Lord" (2 Cor. 8:5, NIV). If we start by offering the whole package, the small details will follow naturally.

Which would you rather be: a worldly Christian keeping all you can for yourself and accomplishing only worldly goals; or a totally committed Christian who, rich or poor, is helping to advance God's Kingdom?

My work is the Lord's; every task I do,
May it be for Him and His purpose true:
He does His own work with my good in mind,
And calls me to work of the purest kind.

My mind is the Lord's, every thought a prayer;
May no bitter longing be rooted there:
He set His own mind to His people's best,
And, Christ's mind within, I can stand each test.

My heart is the Lord's; by His power above,
May my every act be performed in love:
He set His own heart on this soul of sin--
Now I can love too, by His strength within.

My life is the Lord's; every hour He'll give,
Let my one desire be for Him to live:
He gave His own life to reclaim my soul,
And only in Him can my life be whole.

My all is the Lord's: all my mind and heart;
Each thing that I do, to the smallest part;
Each minute and hour--He gives all to me,
And I, as His slave, become truly free.

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