Monday, October 6, 2008

As It Is in Heaven

"Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mt. 6:10, NIV).

How is God's will done in Heaven? We can be sure it's done without complaint or procrastination. Can you picture an angel whining, "Aw, do I have to?" when asked to run an errand for God, or a glorified saint grumbling that he or she didn't get the best seat in the eternal choir?

Our first reaction to such an idea may be that it sounds almost blasphemous. But what does that make us when we say to God, through our attitudes and actions if not with our words, "My will, not Yours, be done"? Every time we deliberately put off doing what we know is the right thing, every time we sulk because God didn't give us something we wanted, we rate the pleasures of the flesh as more important than the blessings of Heaven. And we make a mockery of the Lord's Prayer.

"Your will be done" should be more than a casual assent to God's overall providence. It should mean:

"Your will be done not simply for me, Lord, but through me."

The angels above all serve in love
And respond as God's will is spoken;
But we "saints" below all bemoan our woe
If He moves to withhold one token.
We cling to pleasure and worship leisure
And regard it as rightful due:
Oh, Lord, forgive, and teach us to live
With our sole joy in pleasing You.

The saints in glory proclaim God's story
And they sing His praise day and night;
But we, here on earth, find our time not worth
One brief hour to bask in His light.
We live for "doing" and keep pursuing
The things of this world that lure:
Oh, Lord, forgive, and teach us to live
With a craving for all that's pure.

The day will come when, our crowns all won,
We have hearts for the Lord alone,
So it seems but fair that we should prepare,
While on earth, for our Heavenly home.
If our daily lot tends to please us not,
Then recall: we're but pilgrims here.
Lord, teach us now all Your ways, and how
We can serve You upon this sphere!

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