Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our God Is in Every Flower

From my window, the weather forecast for today looks cool, clear, and bright. The prospect of stepping out into fresh air and sunshine is especially attractive after spending a few days working inside.

For many, a few hours in nature is a cure for doubt as to the existence and goodness of God. It's probably more than coincidence that atheism began gaining popularity in the same era that urban areas began to drastically expand. We absorb what surrounds us; if ninety percent of that is human-made, it's easy to start seeing humans as the supreme makers.

But it's not a particularly attractive vision in the long run. Medical science now appreciates that too much time in purely artificial surroundings can be shattering to emotional health. Many a prescription for heading off a nervous breakdown includes such instructions as "Expose yourself to more natural light," "Bring a few plants into your house," "Take a long walk in the park," or "Get a pet." Taking daily time to look closely at things God made without human help, can relieve quite a bit of pressure by reminding us that we don't have to take full responsibility for the world.

Even a tiny touch of nature--a wildflower poking through the sidewalk, a patch of sky overhead, a pigeon on a ledge--can do the job if we let ourselves open our eyes and see.

Our God is in every flower
That blooms with the coming of spring;
His miracles show in each petal;
Each leaf is a marvelous thing.

Our God is in every raindrop
That falls to give water to earth,
With tears for each sorrow we suffer,
And joy for each growth that is birthed.

Our God is in every planet
And star in the cosmos so vast;
Each light, though our eyes see it faintly,
Is held in His hand's mighty grasp.

Our God is in every atom
That builds the Creation we see;
He watches the largest, the smallest,
And all that has been or will be.

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Katherine Mikshenas said...

This post deeply touched my heart and soul. I was taking a walk this morning with my dog. We saw some crows basking in the sun up in a tree, a robin fluttering across the lawn and even a yellow butterfly (my favorite) hovering nearby. God's presence is all around us, especially in nature. Thankyou for sharing this. God bless you and Keep writing. Your work is profound and exquisite!