Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blessed Burden

The burden God would have His followers carry is light in weight (Mt. 11:30), yet many of us are struggling under impossibly heavy loads of "duty." We look at the total volume of needs in the church, the Christian family, and the world; and we feel guilty about every cause we neglect to give to, every problem we fail to pray for, and every church committee we decline to join. There is only one Savior of the whole world, so doesn't it make more sense to ask Him how much of the total load we should carry?

Lord, give me a burden;
Lord, speak to my heart.
Show me where I'm needed;
Show me where to start.
For the world is so full of problems,
The world is so full of needs;
To pray for each of them daily
Would leave no time for good deeds.

Lord, give me a burden;
Lord, work in my soul.
Help me find a focus,
Tuned in to Your control.
For I feel so much compassion
For every cry that I hear,
I may burn out from the pressure,
No power left to interfere.

Lord, give me a burden;
Lord, order my days.
Point me where You want me,
A tool for Your praise.
For to do all is disaster,
And to do none is a sin;
So place me now where You want me,
Some part of Your world to win.


Eileen said...

What a powerful message! Thank you for sharing your site.

Leslie said...


Anonymous said...

Both of these poems are so lovely. I hope lots of people avail themselves of this blog and let your words of God's truth wash over them. I'm sure glad I did! Linda