Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Never Doubt in the Darkness

"Never doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light," said Dr. V. Raymond Edman, former Chancellor of Wheaton College (IL). Christians are not immune from discouragement, depression, or even despair. Nor are such feelings necessarily confined to brief periods; many serious believers have been mired in emotional darkness for months or years. During such a "dark night of the soul" (the term used by sixteenth-century mystic St. John of the Cross), the Christian can only cling to faith with the will, for the emotions have already given up the fight. Usually, however, the feelings eventually return, and faith is left stronger than ever.

Those currently walking "in full light" should stay constantly in touch with God and learn to know Him well, lest when the darkness strikes they be caught unarmed and unprepared.

When the world grows dark around you,
When your faith is besieged from each side,
When your life drowns in trouble and sorrow
And there's no place on earth you can hide,
You may weep till your eyes are empty,
You may feel true despair for the right:
But you must not doubt in the darkness
What God told you when it was light.

When your soul grows dark inside you,
When the sunshine seems blacker than death,
When your joy flees without any reason
And you see no point taking a breath,
You may not feel God beside you,
You may mourn for the days that were bright:
But you must not doubt in the darkness
What God told you when it was light.

For we all have times of trouble,
We all have our dark nights of the soul,
The saintliest life knows keen sorrow,
And the joys of earth never are whole.
But stand firm till your days are ended,
Till your soul to the heavens takes flight,
To a place ever free from darkness,
To the place of eternal Light!


ukamerican421i6s said...

Wow, this made me cry. I have suffered from severe depression, but have always tried to stay faithful to the Lord through it all. This poem/song is absolutely amazing.

ukamerican421i6s said...

Katherine, did you write this, it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine Swarts said...

Yes; I personally write all the poems for this blog. (Anyone who wants to SING them, though, will have to use existing tunes or supply her own music!)

Anonymous said...

Has this been published somewhere? If not it should be. Something this good and this profound should be shared with the masses. I'm glad I found it!

Katherine Swarts said...

The poem does appear in my book, Where Light Dawns: Christian Poems of Hope for Hurting Hearts. An e-version of the book can be purchased at