Friday, November 2, 2007

You Who Have Ears

Fifteen times in the Gospels and Revelation, Jesus is recorded as saying, "Let anyone who has ears listen" or something similar. The world is full of people--including, unfortunately, some serious Christians--who have perfect physical hearing but are spiritually deaf because they refuse to listen to what God is saying to them. Likewise, many people with 20/20 vision are willfully blind to the obvious. Until we fully humble ourselves and give everything we have to the goal of knowing God, we will accomplish very little significant to His ultimate goal--the building of His Kingdom and the saving of souls for His eternal glory.

You who have ears, open them and listen:
Turn to the Lord and turn from sin;
Sure as the stars in the heavens glisten,
He will revive you from within.

You who have eyes, look to what God shows you:
Watch for His guidance all your days;
Trust in the One Who most truly knows you;
He is the One Whom all will praise.

You who have lips, make them worship's portals:
Lift up your songs in praise of He
Who formed the earth and the souls of mortals;
Only His servants are truly free.

You who have souls, trust them to the Father:
And when the days of earth are past,
And the last chapter closed by the Author,
All shall be well for all time at last.

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