Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The following is one of my older poems (an early version won a contest sponsored by local group Inspirational Writers Alive in April 1996). As we celebrate at Christmas the coming of Jesus to us, let us not forget that we must also come to Him. And not only at the manger, nor even only at the cross or empty tomb, but every day of our lives. We can never function with full effectiveness until we are willing to kneel before Christ each day: pondering all He did for us, setting aside our own wills, and rededicating ourselves to His service.

Oh, come to the manger where Jesus is sleeping:
Come look at the light in this Baby's sweet face.
The angels are singing, the shepherds are kneeling:
Come gaze on the Infant of Glory and Grace.

Oh, come to the mountain where Jesus is teaching:
Come listen to words filled with beauty and life.
Come hear His voice telling the Gospel of mercy,
The joy in the pain and the peace in the strife.

Oh, come to the seaside where Jesus is preaching,
Where people have gathered from miles round to hear.
Come listen to Him speak the words of God's Kingdom,
The Kingdom He tells us is now drawing near.

Oh, come to the cross where this Jesus is hanging,
Who prays for the ones who condemned Him to death.
Come see the sky darken and feel the earth shaking,
As He cries out, "Finished!" and draws His last breath.

Oh, come to the tomb where this Jesus was buried:
Come share in the joy as they find the stone gone.
The Savior is risen, the power of death broken:
Come greet the first light of a glorious new dawn.

Oh, come to Him now, for our Jesus is calling,
Is calling you to Him with welcome today.
Find joy in His love; take the hand of the Savior:
Be sure that He never will turn you away.

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