Friday, December 14, 2007


The Bible has a lot to say about God's work in us, and much of the imagery is painful: refined by fire; pruned like deadwood; spun, poked, and prodded on the potter's wheel. Christians since have likened the process to being pounded into shape on an anvil. As was mentioned in an earlier blog, often our first impulse on realizing what's involved is to wonder if we really want to grow!

The youngest children are eager to learn new skills--walking, speaking, reading--because they look at their elders, who have mastered these skills, and see clearly the privileges at the end of the struggle. But often we adults neglect to keep our eyes on our Master and the goal He has achieved, and we look only at the struggle in between. No wonder we fail to see the better things He has planned for us. If we truly realized, even faintly, where the pain of the present was leading, we would never be so tempted to run back to the relative comfort of mediocrity.

Instead of focusing around us, on the negative aspects of the process, let us look up into the Potter's eyes. If we truly see the love and encouragement in them, we will be willing to undergo anything for His greater purpose.

Through my trials and through my struggles,
Through my aches and through my pains,
Through each day of difficulty,
Through the storms and hurricanes,
Through each hindrance and frustration,
Through the times I dread to face,
Even through the devil's nooses,
God will mold me by His grace.

Though my frame be mauled and pummeled,
Though my battles burn like fire,
Though the spinning leave me dizzy,
Though I struggle in the mire,
May my own plans be as nothing--
I am just a lump of clay,
Yet to form a splendid vessel,
God is molding me each day.

Let me not resist the pinching;
Let me not defy the blows;
Let me not crave explanations,
For I know the Potter knows
What will make me in His image:
Till I pure and holy be,
Through endurance and with patience,
God in love is molding me.

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