Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Name Is Written in Heaven

"Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven" (Luke 10:20), said Jesus to His disciples as they returned from a highly productive missions assignment. They were naturally exhilarated and glowing with the sense of achievement. The danger was that, when the excitement wore off and they found that not all future assignments were as easy or as obviously successful, they would become discouraged and worry that God was no longer supporting them. Hence, Jesus's words were not intended to detract from their work or to scold them for being delighted with the results, but to remind them that their primary source of joy (and ours, too) should always be God's accepting them into His eternal family--a fact that could never be altered by earthly circumstances.

By all means, thank God with joy if your ministry is successful, or you are awarded a full scholarship to the graduate program of your choice, or you are blessed with a wonderful Christian family. But do not make these your sole reasons for rejoicing. And whether you are rich or poor, successful or struggling, healthy or sickly--never cease to rejoice, and rejoice above all else, that God loves you and has gone to tremendous lengths to give you an eternal place in His Kingdom.

My name is written in heaven--
Oh, what a delight to know
That God wants me in His Kingdom,
And walks with me here below.
My name is written in heaven--
I too belong to the King,
Who gives me all of His blessings
And also a song to sing.

My name is written in heaven--
The Lord has prepared a place
Where I will sit at His table
And feast on eternal grace,
And sit with saints of the ages,
Who all belong to the King,
Whose names are written in heaven,
The praises of God to sing!

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