Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh, Lord, Can I Trust You?

The rhythm of this poem was inspired by the spiritual "Children, Go Where I Send Thee," which, like Green Grow the Rushes and many other folk songs, builds on a numerical pattern. I have used a different pattern--the "six basic questions"--as a structure.

The Bible says that "without faith it is impossible to please God" (Heb. 11:6 NIV). But (notwithstanding what some skeptics say) God isn't looking for blind faith that believes everything it hears, regardless of evidence. Saving faith is built on solid evidence: historical evidence of Bible accuracy, yes; but even more important, the evidence of what Christ has done and is doing in our world. He has changed millions of people for the better; He has lifted up countless souls society had written off as hopeless; He has inspired much great art and literature; and, through His followers, He has launched tremendous philanthropic and educational movements.

Still, some people claim, "I trusted God, and He let me down." Nearly always, the problem is that they convinced themselves God had promised some specific thing--usually increased prosperity or reduced suffering--when He hadn't. God's specific promises, as they apply to all believers, are relatively few. He does not promise to grant all our wishes if we just summon up enough faith. He does promise us eternal life--if we trust Him for it. He promises to make us better people--if we trust Him with control of our lives. He promises we will have the strength to resist temptation--if we trust Him to provide a way out.

Surely we can also trust the eternal and omniscient God to know what is best for us.

Oh, Lord, can I trust You?
How should I trust You?
"Trust with faith like seed from the mustard tree;
Trust Me as the Truth that sets you free;
Trust Me as the One Who could part the sea."
Oh, Lord, so will I trust You.

Oh, Lord, can I trust You?
For what should I trust You?
"Trust Me for the food that you eat each day;
Trust that I'll be listening when you pray;
Trust that I will drive your guilt away."
Lord, for these things I'll trust You.

Oh, Lord, can I trust You?
When should I trust You?
"Trust Me when the day seems dark as night;
Trust Me as you walk by heaven's light;
Trust Me as you're standing for the right."
Lord, all my days I'll trust You.

Oh, Lord, can I trust You?
Where should I trust You?
"Trust Me in the depths of the darkest pit;
Trust Me at the door where your lamp is lit;
Trust Me at the table where you're called to sit."
Lord, everywhere I'll trust You.

Oh, Lord, can I trust You?
Who am I to trust You?
"You are a precious child of the heavenly King;
You are My messenger when the tidings ring;
You are one to whom I will countless blessings bring."
Lord, I, Your servant, trust You.

Oh, Lord, can I trust You?
Why should I trust You?
"Trust Me 'cause I died and rose again;
Trust Me 'cause I cleaned your soul from sin;
Trust Me for these hands where the nails went in."
Lord, I know I can trust You.

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