Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sing Praises to God

How often do you pray? More importantly, how do you pray?

Many of us lead prayer lives that, if we saw a week's worth written out, would make us blush with shame to realize how much like spoiled children we sound. "I want this." "When are You going to give me that?" "Why didn't You give me those?" "Why don't You do something about all these problems?!!" And what "thank Yous" we remember to say are in reference to specific, obvious, and unusual blessings--and far outnumbered by demands and complaints.

One antidote for a sense of entitlement is to use the ACTS approach to prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. We start by praising God simply for what He is; then remember how unworthy we are to receive anything from Him; then count all the blessings He graciously gives us anyway; and only then, after finishing with the important stuff, tell Him what we still feel we need.

Often the first step, Adoration, is the hardest. Some of us feel self-conscious showering anyone--even God--with streams of undiluted praise. Others of us get tongue-tied by the feeling it doesn't count unless we produce great poetry. If you have problems there, try starting with a few Biblical psalms or classic hymns, reading them--even aloud--with all your heart.

And by all means feel free to write down your thoughts as they follow.

Sing praises to God, Who reigns over all:
The stars and the suns respond to His call.
All things of this earth were made by His hand:
The beasts and the birds, the sea and the land.

Sing praises to God, Redeemer of souls:
He loves and forgives; He makes all things whole.
He guides every life that yields to His will;
Through hardship and peace, He stands by us still.

Sings praises to God, Who heals and restores:
He seeks out lost souls; He ever is Lord.
The time soon shall come, the end of earth's days,
When all evermore will sing to His praise.

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peacechild4 said...

Hi lovely post.. God bless.. I have found by giving a sacrifice of praise daily.. it has changed my whole relationship with God!! I know Him better!! He is great isn't He!!